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Private Label
A successful company absolutely requires its own label on their products. This is the reason why we introduced the Private Label program and this is the program that you are looking for. Our Private Label program can give you the freedom to customize your own product at the best price with the quality assured.

Get QTVR Plug-in
Designed your own style
There are no boundaries to your design, because we can provide you with an unlimited choice of style, fabric, decoration, closure, label...etc. Our existing hat styles should be a suitable reference for your own designs. If you are ever in doubt with your own design, our experienced designers are always there to share their precious suggestions with you.

Low minimum order quantity

With our Private Label program, you can largely increase your market competitiveness, because we can offer as low as 500 pieces per order with less than 3 weeks production time. Experience the relief of having not to worry about the minimum order quantity with us.

Development samples

The ability to create complete development or pre-production samples within 10 working days represents a strategic advantage and significant time reduction to reach your market.
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